Come and see! (Jn 1:39)
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Pilgrims' Sharing

"Who do you say that I am?"- Nov 2012, Lawrence Yuen
A few weeks before going on the Israel pilgrimage, a friend suddenly queried me in a conversation, "Lawrence, who is God to you?" I was stunned. Not so much that I didn't know how to respond to the question, but that I'd never thought about it in much in depth before [More]
Pilgrimage reflection Israel/Jordan Nov 2012 - Glenda Leung
The Vatican designate this year as the Year of Faith. In order to prepare ourselves, we have gone to a pilgrimage in the Holy Land starting on 18 November to the 3 December 2012. People will see that we are crazy as the missiles were flying [More]
Holy Land Pilgrimage Nov 2012 - Grace Atkinson
It was with some trepidation that I finally decided to leave for the Holy Land Pilgrimage on November 18,2012 as family [More]
A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey - HENRY CHU (RISE! GROUP)
Awesome! [More]
Sharing by Margarita (“RISE” Group)
Hitting a jackpot, jackpot is how I would describe my feelings on this pilgrimage, this jackpot ... [More]
Queenie's Sharing
I am not a faithful Catholic. The reason I joined this pilgrimage was to see Israel. I know that I could never visit this place by myself. Yet I learned so much more than I have expected. [More]
Alice Chan's Sharing
This was my first pilgrimage and I was really impressed by all that I have seen and learned here. There were many times I was touched by the words from the gospels, especially after the explanation. Before coming to this place, bible is more like a story for me. But now, it is so real; in fact, part of our history! [More]
Rosa Wan's sharing
When I registered myself for the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I wanted to visit the place where Jesus spent his 33 years on earth. I hope to make more sense when I read the Gospel and to feel God's presence in my life. [More]
From Anne, Singapore
Thank you, God, for bringing me all the way here. The year 2007 was a year of struggles but God was always there for me. I have learned many things. [More]
Our First Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - Vincent Siu
My wife, Glenda, our daughter, Eva and I have just returned from a 7-day pilgrimage in the Holy Land which was jointly organized by St. Margaret Church and Dun Scotus Pilgrimage Ltd., Hong Kong. We all consider that it has been the most valued and enjoyable tour we have ever taken during our vacation. [More]
A reflective journal – Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
At the very beginning, I thought that the trip to the Holy Land was a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage. I paid my first visit in 2009 and had a great consolation after the pilgrimage. [More]
Lord, You know everything, you know I love you - Barbara Man
During this 8 days pilgrimage, the place where touches me the most is “Mensa Christi”, where Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” [More]
Peggy Virginia's sharing
Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary for bringing me to experience life at Nazareth, around Lake Galilee, in Bethleham and Jerusalem. [More]
Reflection on pilgrimage 07-16.06.2010
This trip has opened my five senses: eyes, ears, taste, smell, touch, so that I can experience Jesus’s life journey. [More]
George's journey 07-16.06.2010
I joined a group of 30 youths spending ten days in Israel for pilgrimage. Throughout the trip we visited many sorts of holy sites, churches and scenery. [More]
Clare's sharing in the pilgrimage to Israel
This pilgrimage in Israel is really not a coincidence, but God has his plan bringing us together walking along the road of Jesus, our Lord. My heart was thrilled by every stone and rock. [More]
Self-discovery in pilgrimage - 07-16.06.2010
We have visited a lot of holy sites and churches the past ten days. [More]
From the Guild of St. Luke, Ss Cosmas & Damian, Hong Kong
Thirty-eight pilgrims mostly members of the Guild of St. Luke, Ss Cosmas & Damian, H.K. spent 12 days in Turkey [More]
Diane's Sharing
This was my first pilgrimage and I think this may be the best gift from God ever. [More]
My reflection on the Greece pilgrimage
To be able to actually follow St. Paul's footsteps to the various places he had evangelized in Greece, to learn what he did and how he thought felt was a wonderful profound experience. [More]
From George von Burg
Thanks be to God! Regina and I really feel blessed to have had the opportunity to join and take part in this Pilgrimage. [More]
Reflections on the Holy Land pilgrimage
Many Christians dream of going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, we were blessed to have actually set foot there. [More]
Christina Tang's sharing
One of the aims of this pilgrimage for me is to find the strength to overcome my inadequacies and live a life of integrity and faith. [More]
Reflections on the Pilgrimage
The purpose of my pilgrimage is to learn more about my faith and to renew and strengthen my faith so that I may live and work better and more in line with his wishes. [More]
From Danielle Lee
Honestly, at first, I wasn’t looking forward to this pilgrimage trip. It was more of my mom telling me many times “Oohh, I really want you to go. It will be a great experience.” [More]
Vivian Lee shares
The political and sociological climate of Jesus' times became more real for me - what with cruel Roman subjugators, corrupt temple priests, the poverty of the masses, the different sects. [More]
Christmas in Bethlehem Pilgrimage
First of all, I have to thank the Lord for His plan. It never came to my mind that I should spend the Christmas in Jerusalem. It is my privilege to see what Jesus had gone through during his 33 years on earth. God’s plan is unbelievable! [More]
"Gospel according to John" Pilgrimage Tour
We headed for our pilgrimage in the end of September which coincided with one of the three major Jewish feast days – The Feast of the Tabernacles (or the Feast of the Shelters) [More]