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Pilgrimage Schedules

Year: 2016
Codesort ascending Destination Group Start Date End Date Spiritual Director Tour Leader
2016-13 Israel (conducted in Cantonese) Duns Scotus Bible Centre 12/9/2016 23/9/2016 Fr. Anselm Pang Lam Kam Leng
2016-12 Israel/Jordan (conducted in Cantonese) Our Lady of the Rosary Church 5/9/2016 18/9/2016 Fr. Francis Tam Lee Tze Chung
2016-11 Spain/Portugal (conducted in Cantonese) Duns Scotus Bible Centre 4/8/2016 22/8/2016 Fr. Peter Lo Lee Tze Chung
2016-10 Israel (conducted in Cantonese) Private 1/8/2016 13/8/2016 Fr. Placid Wong
2016-09 Lourdes/Spain/Fatima Duns Scotus Bible Centre 14/7/2016 30/7/2016 Fr. Christopher Chor Lee Tze Chung
2016-08 Israel/Jordan (conducted in Cantonese) Ottawa Community 14/6/2016 29/6/2016 Fr. Fung Che Ho Lee Tze Chung
2016-07 Israel (conducted in Cantonese) St. Margaret's Church Catholic community 8/6/2016 19/6/2016 Bp. Joseph Ha
2016-06 Israel (conducted in Cantonese) Xavier House 16/5/2016 29/5/2016 Fr. Stephen Tong Lam Kam Leng
2016-05 Israel/Jordan (conducted in Cantonese) Canada Catholic group 10/5/2016 23/5/2016 Fr. Henry Yeung Lee Tze Chung
2016-04 Israel (conducted in Cantonese) Macau Catholic Biblical Association 27/4/2016 8/5/2016 Fr. Chung C. K.
2016-03 Israel (conducted in Cantonese) HK Catholic Biblical Association 10/4/2016 22/4/2016 Fr. Lo Pak Wing Lee Tze Chung
2016-02 Bosnia & Herzegovina/Croatia The Guild of St. Luke, St. Cosmas and St. Damian 6/3/2016 18/3/2016 Fr. Robert Ng
2016-01 Israel (conducted in Cantonese) Duns Scotus Bible Centre 22/2/2016 2/3/2016 Fr. Ip Ting Kok Lee Tze Chung