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About us

Duns Scotus Pilgrimages Ltd. is a travel agency registered with the Hong Kong Travel Industry Council on July 1st, 2006 (license number - 353056, granted on Aug 1st, 2006).

It is also an associate member of the International Chinese Tourist Association. Our mission is to provide pilgrimage services to Christians. To fulfill this, we collaborate with the Custody of the Holyland and the Franciscan Holyland Office in Hong Kong. In line with the document Guidelines for Pastoral Care of Tourism issued by the Pontifical Council for migrants and itinerant peoples (2001), we strive - to encourage the optimal conditions that will aid Christians in living the reality of tourism as a moment of grace and salvation (GPCT no.18) and enable - Christians ...tourists... to give witness in tourism to their faith and to re-discover an opportunity for the missionary vocation which is the basis of their rights and duties as Christians (GPCT no.19). We offer set itineraries while tailored-made can also be arranged. We also try to provide other travel services as set by the TIC. For each tour we provide licensed tour escorts, and licensed pilgrimage assistants in the case of Israel / Palestine. We also try to provide with each pilgrimage group a spiritual assistant (priest or religious) who would serve the spiritual needs of the pilgrims.

Duns Scotus Pilgrimages Ltd. is situated at Room 1111, 11/F, C C Wu Building, 302-8 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong.

Telephone (852)-28902682